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Digital Library

Overview of the digital services of the VZG



  • Ornamental Prints Collection of the Art Library SPK Berlin
    This portal presents the digitized inventory of the ornamental prints collection of the art library in Berlin
    This is an archive that has documented the history of everyday life of the citizens in the metropolitan area of Hamburg
  • Wolfgang-Laade-Archive „Music of Men“ of the Center for World Music Hildesheim
    Wolfgang Laade archive contains a vinyl-record collection of the Center for World music in Hildesheim1)
  • vzg-easydb
    vzg-easydb is the key service of the VZG for picture collections


  • Catalogue of Coin Finds of the Middle Ages/Modern Times of Numismatic Commission of the Federal States
    This catalogue has records over 20.000 findings of the time of approx. 750 B.C. up to the 19th century2)


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