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Databases for Public Libraries

Online Contents for Public Libraries - OLC-ÖB
Union Catalogue for Public Libraries - ÖVK


Online Contents for Public Libraries - OLC-ÖB

This databases is freely accessible for all public libraries within the territory of the GBV.

If you don't have access, please fill out this online registration form.

If you already have a personal user number, please identify yourself by clicking the ID button on our database menu pages. You'll find this button on the upper right corner of the page.


Union Catalogue for Public Libraries - ÖVK
The database ÖVK is the freely accessible union catalogue of the GBV public libraries. It contains more than 3.95 million title holdings with more than 6.5 million record holdings from over 140 public libraries. Most documents are available via interlibrary loan.

The ÖVK is comparable with the union catalogue (GVK) for scientific GBV libraries. The bibliographic title and holding records of the participating public libraries are gradually included and updated regularily. The possiblity to define specific views on individual libraries, libraries from a county or a federal state allow very selective usage of the catalogue.

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